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Dami Okedara's Consulting Story

Hi there, I'm Dami Okedara, and I’ll share a bit of my story with you on how I went from depressed, anxious, and discouraged to politicians calling me 'The Facebook Man.' Learn how I'm changing the landscape of digital marketing with Clientele Boosters.

My Background 

I come from a beautiful and caring family. Perhaps too caring and conservative at times. They’d instill it in me, whether verbally or by their actions that the best way I could succeed was by getting the highest ATAR, graduating year 12, and studying at prestigious universities. It was vital to earn a Bachelors and Masters Degree. This path would yield high paying jobs and the respect of society at large. 

Well, I was not a bad student nor the best. I was above average, the chubby kid starting out high school, and part of the ethnic minority. Bullies made me their prime target as girls sometimes beat me in running races. Many of my so-called friends would suddenly become distant. The occasional racial attacks brought on added suffering. Sooner or later, I reached my breaking point.  

This is how it happened....

  I was 12 at the time, broken down, and weeping alone in the empty Maths classroom after school hours . I had not dared to tell my parents about my troubles. They had worked so hard to bring my family to Australia and worked their way up the social and financial ladder.
It was the saddest day of my life at that time, but also one of my biggest blessings.

Taking A Stand , New Changes , And My Dilemma

That was one of the saddest days of my life at that time , but it also turned out to be one of my biggest blessings ….

The Dilemma

I decided to become significantly more athletic - almost unrecognisably athletic - and used basketball as a means of improving my physique. A few short years later, I was one of the most promising athletes in our basketball team. Throughout my adolescent years, I set a new trend of achievements to year 12. My sights were set on playing professionally in America! But, there was one Dilemma.

I knew my aspirations for my sporting career. But I lacked much clarity for my educational or occupational career after my sporting days. I swept this under the rug, but my formally educated parents could not ignore this Handicap

    I’ve shown a flair for words and the spoken language. Working with numbers has not been my strong suit - so I’ve never dreamt of becoming an accountant. I can remember participating in numerous public speaking events. So my parents not-so elegantly encouraged me to study law and enter the legal profession.

My Entrepreneurship Spark 

 After countless exhaustive conversations about careers, ATAR scores, and universities, we decided that I’ll study Business and Law while focusing on my basketball career. Deep down, I always knew that becoming a lawyer was never for me. In my complacency, I spent much of my final year of high school listening to TED talks on Friday nights. I was in great awe of many presenters, particularly business founders. They challenged the norms and came up with life-changing innovations. In my adoration, I began seeing some of myself as an entrepreneur , a freer thinker , a creative , a creator. 

I was hooked.

Hooked on learning from online business gurus , thinkers , 25 year old millionaires , you name it ! It wasn’t the grandiosity and the glamour that did it for me . Yes, the lifestyle appealed to my 17-year-old self. But I was really inspired by the idea of freedom and building something incredible.

Complete & Destructive Failure 

In 2018, I had a period of trial and error. I tried to bring ideas to life whilst balancing university life, having a girlfriend, and basketball. I quickly realised that there are many components of entrepreneurship (as well as being in the real world and out of the high school bubble for the first time). I tried to monetise Instagram accounts that were based on teaching my followers how to play contemporary songs on guitar. The objective was to transition to Youtube using these Instagram accounts. It didn't take long to realise that growing a profitable Youtube following would be difficult, then out of NOWHERE... 

 Life hit me hard. And I mean hard. I lost one of my closest friends to a fatal illness within months of graduating from high school. With tryouts just a few weeks away, I suffered a seemingly non-threatening injury that worsened destroying any chance of me trying out for an elite basketball team after going to America earlier in the year. To make everything worse, I broke up with my first long term girlfriend. My parents inferred their doubts on my professional sporting career and suggested that I focus more on university rather than wasting time on my business ventures. Once again, I was back to Square 1 exhausted and sinking into a deep depression. This heightened anxiety presented two options:

1. Cry and resent myself for feeling depressed and anxious for my future. Settle for less.
2. Try Again.

I think you know which option I picked ...

But this time , I didn't start from lack , I started from from experience . Knowing I'd caught the entrepreneurial itch , I began looking for opportunities , reading book after book from the topics of wealth creation all the way to human science , sociology , neuroscience , culture , religion , decision making - you name it !


I was intent on creating a reliable income stream to aid my basketball career. And this is how I entered into network marketing whilst working as a sales rep at a clothing store . A few months in, I began searching for more worthwhile jobs in Melbourne City and the Richmond area.
Employers would be wowed by what I could do for their business and viewed me as the missing piece to their growth and success. As a matter of fact, one of the employers cut me off during the interview and offered to hire me ON THE SPOT! 

At 19, this seemed like a big deal! And these weren't minuscule tasks. Few of these were part and full-time jobs that professionals would apply for in the sales industry.

By the end of these string of successful interviews, I asked myself ; why don't you just start your own business? The world of business was strenuous, tedious, intense, and Machiavellian. Regardless, it would be the missing piece to my financial and life puzzle - the northern star so - to speak .

Months later, after arriving from a basketball tournament with my younger brother around June/July 2019 in Sydney , I began the process of getting my business off the ground with less than $100 in my bank account and just over $0 to my name. 

The Rise 

With a $14 website and a TON of ambitious charisma, I went door to door with no solid pitch or template. I just had the intention to tell as many people within my area that I owned a social media marketing agency and could help them grow their business. Keep in mind, all the knowledge acquired at this point was from one
digital marketing course and additional research by scavenging the internet and Youtube.
I continued bootstrapping my company for the next three months, never turning back. After hundreds of business owners discrediting me because of my inexperience and age, I finally landed my first client.
When I began work for my first business, I recount receiving my first check for $327! I was over the moon.
I managed to deliver by generating a high ticket sale solely based on the methods I'd learned from my research. Keep in mind I still didn't even know how to run a Facebook ad. It was all organic!

Clientele Boosters & The Winning CB Nation

FAST FORWARD 1 YEAR LATER into 2020, numerous businesses have worked with us and succeeded. Our team now consists of a few of the best digital marketers around the globe.
We have helped the following clients with their digital marketing: startups, eCommerce shops, boutiques, clothing stores, hospitality businesses, personal brands, event managers, aged care institutions, brick & mortar stores, non-profits, and politicians. We have garnered a following of 10,000 Facebook fans, many who have left numerous 5-star ratings on our Facebook business page (as of September 2020) !
Clientele Boosters is in full throttle to create a dynasty for its clients. We are revolutionalising the culture of 'ineffectual' digital marketing with ROI and results-driven marketing! Our aim is to inject $250,000 - 1,000,000 back into the pockets of business owners internationally by the end of 2020.

With the tenacity and hunger of an audacious athlete who doesn’t settle for average, coupled with the vision and skill of a highly talented & poised team of Marketing Geniuses, we aim to lift the standard of Digital Marketing not only within Australia but worldwide.
Do not miss out on success this decade and
 I'd like to personally welcome you to the 


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