Mistakes Businesses Are Making With PPC Advertising, and How to Do It Right 
Written by Patricia Jonathan on Sept. 14th 2020
Are you throwing away money with your PPC advertising? We have researched the common PPC mistakes people make with info on how to do it right.
Imagine you’re standing on the street giving everyone who comes your way a free dollar $$$.

They then say thank you and quickly scuttle away.

Making mistakes with your PPC advertising is akin to giving away money without accomplishing ANYTHING.

Paid-per-click advertising is indeed powerful and awesome. But you should not give out your money for free without getting results in return.

You’re no “sucker,” right?

Are you reading this right now, and have spent thousands in PPC without any results? Thinking of quitting?

Let’s discuss common mistakes, and hopefully, you will fix or avoid them.

# Mistake 1: Showing ads to the wrong audience

Have you done in-depth research and found the people most likely to purchase your product or service?

What’s your buyer’s age, fears, hopes, occupation, geographic region, etc.
Google and Facebook, two of the most popular platforms for PPC ads, allow you to target people using specific criteria. So this is a PPC advertising mistake you can easily avoid.

#Mistake 2: Selling to the whole world

Why sell your products to Australian consumers when you can show ads to billions of people worldwide?

This kind of thinking will get your budget exhausted rapidly.

Once someone from oversees figures that your business is in Australia and needs to ship items, they may search for a simpler option. If your pricing is in AUD, and someone uses the RUPEE, it also gets confusing.

Limit your grand dreams of selling to everyone. Find a SMALL motivated market and avoid this PPC advertising mistake.

#Mistake 3: Unappealing ad copy & lacking extensions

Your ad shows up as the user tries to find some information on the web.

First, it has to provide value to the user with a powerful headline. Then, it’s vital to have ad extensions, particularly with search engine ads.

Extensions can include reviews & rating stars, phone number, location information, and site links.

#Mistake 4: Not using negative keywords to keep away irrelevant leads

When creating a PPC ad, most people are focused on their main keywords, right? But they tend to forget about the negative keywords.

These may be words related to the keywords but represent a different intent. 
You can set negative keywords for Amazon PPC, Google PPC, etc.

#Mistake 5: Bidding mistakes

You got to pay to play. That is the fundamental aspect of PPC.

So, at times, you’ll be bidding on keywords with your competitors. Some adopt the strategy of placing their ads at the bottom by underbidding to get many clicks over time.

It’s been deemed a good way to waste money by the experts, who recommend splashing good money to get ranked at the top and win those quality leads.

#Mistake 6: Riding on too many keywords

One is never enough. It is the approach we take in PPC, but there is a danger in trying to rank on many keywords simultaneously.

Experts cite the 80/20 percent rule when elaborating on this PPC advertising mistake.

Most of your RESULTS come from 20% of your effort.

Most cash is wasted on non-performing keywords, and you can avoid this mistake by finding high-intent keywords. It requires careful vetting and testing.

#Mistake 7: Not working with pros!

Hire a rookie and get rookie results. Hire a seasoned pro, and the results will be spectacular.

We believe that we have what it takes to take your PPC advertising to the next level. Work with pros at Clientele Boosters.

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Author: Patricia Jonathan

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